Welcome to kea!

Welcome to the website of the Austrian Coordination Office for Combating Energy Poverty! Here you will find information about our projects, as well as services and resources for households, social organizations, energy companies and local authorities.

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Do you need help?

Rising prices, prolonged illness or unemployment, or a home with poor building fabric or outdated appliances… these are all reasons why households may find it difficult to pay their energy bills. In our Citizens’ Service you will find an overview of advice and support services, as well as tips and advice if your energy costs are too high.

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The role of kea!

Find out more about kea, its team and its role and activities in the fight against energy poverty.

What is this about?

Adequate power supply and a reasonably warm home are more than just quality of living. Access to affordable energy is a basic prerequisite for participation in social, cultural, and political life. People affected by energy poverty are often denied such participation. For financial reasons, they are unable to meet their reasonable energy needs.

The Coordination Office on Energy Poverty (short: kea) aims to address challenges related to energy poverty, develop solutions for affected households and thus make a valuable contribution to the prevention and reduction of energy poverty in Austria.

The kea team works together with experienced specialists, social workers and energy experts to effectively combat energy poverty. Together and with great motivation, we are committed to bringing about positive change and improving living conditions for everyone in Austria.

On our website you will find regular information about our current activities, resources for those affected and partner organizations, as well as articles about current developments in the field of energy poverty. We appreciate your interest and support in our efforts to combat energy poverty in Austria!

Advice centers for households

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Would you like advice?

On our map you will find advice centers in your area that can help you personally with your energy costs.

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